The voice of people is the voice of god

Mr. Monsur Ahmed Chowdhury, one of the board of directors of Impact Foundation Bangladesh visited The University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) to put in the picture to the students on disability. The seminar was organized by Monami Haque, Senior Lecturer, Media Studies and Journalism. He said in his knowledge it is the first time a private university organized something on a tender and considered necessary sector like disability.

On the 19th of October Dr. Hasib Mahmud,Director ( IFB) clearly distinguished the disparity between disability and inability. He said disability does not mean inability. However, in a poor country like us, the disables do become incapable!

Mr. Monsur is visually impaired. He read out to the students in the brail system and it was impossible to say that he could not see!

He mentioned about the nature of us. He said we are negative towards the people who are not like us! They are cheated in every aspect of life. Their family tries to hide them; they are mistreated by their surroundings. Even after good education most do not get any employment. He said that they have equal rights and the same aspiration to live!

Mr.Monsur mentioned that certain words have changed and we should change our sight toward them too! There are no such words as blind instead they are called visually impaired, there are no words as mentally retarded, they are called intellectually disabled.

Mr. Monsur stressed on the importance of education to change the perspective of the general people towards the disabled. It is the only way by which their skills can be recognized and their contributions to the workplace can be welcomed.

He mentioned the importance of media, both in print and broadcast, occupies an important place in the lives of communities. It can reach all the levels of the society and can contribute in shaping public opinion and the behavior and attitude of the mass.

He said that the life of a disabled person is full of struggle but one must have the confidence and the determination to move forward in life because life is not a bed of roses!

He stressed on creating awareness and the urgency of raising awareness in people for the disabled. He mentioned some ways of being disabled; when the pregnant mother mishandles herself in the pregnancy period, disability may arise during birth. There can be disability due to accidents too.

Perhaps disability arise the most due to accidents however due to lack o proper treatment and counseling it is seen that the person goes astray. Most of them become drug addicts and alcoholics. They think it is the end of the world however with proper support they can be trained and explained that disability is not inability.

He said that the world should be an inclusive world where social scientists, legal experts, human right activists, development practitioners and people with disabilities themselves through formation of self help organizations should come forward to bring a change in the society.

He said that the voice of people is the voice of god!


Mita’s Story

Fazlul Haque was a poor farmer. He had a small piece of land and earned his livelihood by cultivating on that land.

His only child is his daughter Mita, who was born with a congenital defect on his lip medically called ” Cleft lip” or incised lip. The defect gave her an ugly look. Even her friends from the same neighborhood were reluctant to play with her because of her ugly appearance.

Once one of Fazlul Haque,s neighbors told him that such defect can be cured through surgery in Dhaka and advised him to go to Dhaka for better treatment. Fazlul made up his mind and went to Dhaka along with his daughter Mita. He saw a doctor at a private clinic. The doctor told him that it can be cured through surgery and it would cost him TK/- 15000. Upon hearing the huge cost of surgery he became disappointed and returned home in despair. He was at the end of tethers with no reckon of life. Since then Fazlul Haque was passing his days with a ray of hope.

One day he came to know from a medicine shop owner that there is a boat hospital somewhere where they are correcting this type of defect in gratis. He collected the mobile number of the boat hospital named Jibon-Tari from a person in his neighborhood whose son had club foot surgery on that boat hospital. He got the location of Jibon-Tari, which was located at Chamrarghat of Kisoregonj district. Fazlul haque became upset again because it is so far, almost 500 kilometers from the place where he lived. Determined to try again fir his daughter, one morning he started his journey with his daughter for Chamrarghat. He arrived at Chamrarghat next day early morning. He collected a yellow ticket by standing up in a long queue and saw the doctor. The on duty doctor of JT examined Mita and informed her father that she could be cured through surgery, which would cost him only Tk.500. His joy knew no bounds. After some tests he was given a date to come again. The surgery was performed and stitches were removed after a week. Fazlul Haque was overjoyed when he saw the changed face of his beloved daughter. His daughter Mita turned a new life, the previous ugliness had disappeared. A large drop of tears rolls downs his cheeks. He raised his both hands and prayed to the God:” May these people find a place in the heaven.